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STONEWORK is highly experienced with stone and masonry remediation in both Residential and Commercial applications.

  • Stone and Masonry Repairs

    • Is your chimney leaking?

    • Is your stone or brick wall cracked or pieces falling out?

    • Is your stone paving loose or are the mortar joints cracked?

Call Stonework:


  • We perform a complete and thorough inspection of the problem areas..

  • We identify the challenges and the causes. We take great care in describing the best plan of action for a long term solution.

  • We provide a comprehensive estimate to complete the project in a timely and professional manner.

    • Our estimates will always include:​

      • Scope of Work​

      • Materials to be used.

      • Window and door protection (as necessary)

      • Dust-Control (as necessary)

      • Site Cleanup

      • Debris removal off the property


Call Bob:


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